San Diego’s Music is 4 Lovers combines two class acts for their event in July

The West Coast of America has always had a loving relationship with house music. Since the 90’s the funky side of tech based house has made its way into the clubs and record bags of the more discerning DJ’s. While this sound more than has its place in electronic music history and still does, the scene in San Diego has remained smaller than its nearby LA neighbours. This is something that night Music is 4 Lovers are looking to change with their slew of top bookings that couple the blooming minimal underground with established bonafide heroes.

For their upcoming party on Saturday, July 7th at a secret location Music 4 Lovers alongside Handcrafted have designed a romantic evening of music. The guest for the evening is Romanian maestro and UVAR co-label boss Sepp. His work alongside partner in crime Nu Zau on their buy on sight label is second to none and this only helps to scratch the surface. As well as releases on imprints such as Curtea Veche, Pleasure Zone, Rawax, Into The Woods, he also forges his own musical path by way of his own Catren label. Sepp is also on regular rotation at the best parties in the world, but they are far too many to list here.

Providing the support for such a guest is an artist that has stood the test of time. We touched on the scene that this American legend helped to build in the 90’s and he is still handling business decades later. We are of course talking about Halo. One half of H-Foundation and part of the duo Hipp-E and Halo and what this man doesn’t know about making a dancefloor move is surplus to requirement. As well as the West Coast house sound Halo is also deeply entrenched in the minimal underground and via his Muted Noise label and has released a raft music from the likes of Lisiere Collectif, Sublee, his own stunning collab “Willow” alongside DeWalta, and the full remix package of perhaps H-Foundation’s biggest hit’s “Hear Dis Sound”. This is of course just a small enclave in one of the most impressive discographies in house music that has never stopped and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down either.


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