RPR Soundsystem are joined by Maayan Nidam’s Hellium project at fabric this December

Even at the mere mentioning of their impending arrival at fabric can few acts cause a stir like RPR Soundsystem. The collective that is comprised of 3 of the most influential Romanian artists in minimal and microhouse are all powerhouse artists in their own right, so when it is confirmed that Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, and Rhadoo will be taking control of Farringdon’s Room One excitement levels tend to peak.

While Rhadoo and Raresh have both featured at fabric several times this year, by the time RPR Soundsystem take to the decks on Saturday, December 7th it will be nearly a year since Petre Inspirescu and the complete team have featured at the London club for one of their fabled all night long sessions.

To make this evening (and morning) extra special Room Two will be helmed by a Maayan Nidam and her techno leaning project Hellium. Maayan is extremely well known in minimal and micro circles but she has recently been delving in to “obscure techno and ambient” by way of Hellium which is the name of her new record label and also the residency that currently calls Tresor home. One artist that has featured for Hellium of late is techno stalwart Cosmin TRG and the 2 will be playing a 4 hour b2b set that is surely primed to destroy the minds of all those in attendance. Taking care of those early warmup vibes is safe pair of hands in almost any scenario is time served resident and Wiggle co-founder Terry Francis.

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