Ricardo Villalobos to remix DJ Sneak and Jesse Perez for Hot Creations

Dance music seems to be going through a state of flux at the moment, what was previously unheard of is now becoming a regular occurrence. First, David Guetta was given the Mandar remix treatment, this was closely followed up by their summer hit “String Theory” being reworked by Ricardo Villalobos and now 2 completely different spheres of electronic music meet and it is Ricardo that is the bridge between the two.

That man Ricardo is back at it again with a remix that is seemingly straight out of left field and the big news is that it will appear on Jamie JonesHot Creations imprint. At first glance, this might appear a quite wayward collaboration but stick with us on this one. Cast your mind back to this summer where Ricardo Villalobos and DJ Sneak played back to back at Pyramid at Ibiza’s Amnesia and there is also the fact that Sneak has recently released on Pressure Traxx, a regular home to Villalobos, so the connections between the two are solid.

There is also the propensity for Ricardo to drop old-school breakbeat house bombs during his sets and the source material – “Back & Forth” from DJ Sneak and Jesse Perez is just that. Check a video below when he dropped the track during a b2b with Raresh.

The Chilean has always been a maverick when it comes to remix projects and can rarely be pigeon-holed, so his move towards a completely different musical crowd is hardly surprising, but when comparing Ricardo’s usual haunts and that of Jamie Jones and his Hot Creations stable of artists there could be some head scratching going on. As with all music, an open mind is always required, but with Ricardo wishing to reach a completely new set of ears with this release, there can be no blame laid at his door. The wonder of Ricardo should be shared and experienced by all.

“Back & Forth” by DJ Sneak and Jesse Perez will be released on February 1st by Hot Creations with remixes from DJ Lukke and Ricardo Villalobos.

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