Ricardo Villalobos collaborates with Spanish artist Sixe Paredes on debut NFT

Ricardo Villalobos will release his first NFT in collaboration with Amensia Ibiza and the Spanish artist Sixe Parades.

Atlanticus Music will host an exclusive drop of 50 NFTs, including a digital artwork of Sixe Paredes made in collaboration with Ricardo working directly on the reel of the video. Working frame by frame, adding symbols and animated geometric shapes, the package is filled with characteristics designed to capture his creative universe.

On top of this drop, a one-copy NFT will be auctioned featuring a digital portrait of Ricardo and many other perks, including a complimentary VIP table for six guests during Ricardo’s next appearance at Amnesia Ibiza.

The Barcelona-born artist Sergio Hidalgo Paredes began his craft in the world of graffiti at the end of the 80s, working under the name Sixeart with various artistic formats such as painting, sculpture and installations. Much of his work is inspired by perpetual travel and his interest in ancient cultures and primitive art, an intriguing compliment to the enigmatic world of Ricardo.

This is the first NFT by Ricardo Villalobos, following a growing trend witnessing artists embracing this new futuristic format for showcasing and selling their work in a collectable form. Dewalta was one of the first to step foot into the world of digital art, presenting a one of a kind track alongside a trippy GIF and high quality 4k movie.

This new format opens the doors to a world of exploration within presenting music, combining digital formats and shaping the shift towards the digital age.

Find more info about the NFT here

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