Mioritmic has been postponed until 2021

In a similar story to that of Sunwaves and other large scale music events in Romania, the organisers of Mioritmic have sadly taken the decision to postpone their event until 2021. This news will likely come as no surprise but the impact on the continuing nightmare of 2020’s events community will still be a blow to many.

Having already announced artists such as Sonja Moonear, Atipic (live), Lizz, Charlie, and Petre Inspirescu amongst others the 2020 edition was shaping up to be another top event but with the COVID-19 pandemic arriving in March, the event was almost immediately thrown into question. Mioritmic today issued the following statement on their decision to postpone…

Everything could have been normal this fall. In another space and time, we would be already planning our encounter and dance schedule by now. We know that, and it is perhaps the hardest thing to know.

This year’s edition cannot take place as we know it, and we refuse to settle for less. So, this is our way of saying – see you in 2021. #Mioritmic 2020 is officially postponed.

We are as sad about it as you are, but keep our words in mind as a promise: we haven’t had our last dance together.

Stay safe.

All tickets purchased for this year remain valid for 2021.

If you are not sure if you can make it next year, you can request a voucher representing the value of the tickets paid. All info regarding this should be already in your inbox.

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