Meadows In The Mountains reveals a tasteful line-up for their 2024 episode

Meadows in the Mountains is back for another year of magic and music atop the breathtaking Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

Imagine this: a village nestled 1000 meters above sea level, just a stone’s throw away from the Greek border. Picture a wonderland above the clouds where music, community, and nature converge in the most spectacular way possible. That’s exactly what Meadows in the Mountains is all about.

From June 1st to June 4th, proceedings take over the mountain with an array of live acts and DJs from every corner of the globe curated by the Berlin-based digger Bruno Schmidt. Outside of music, there’s the opportunity to dive into bespoke wellness classes, immerse yourself in captivating art exhibitions and join eco-conscious workshops.

The happening prides itself on being more than just a festival, celebrating diversity, inclusiveness and the power of underground music. Plus, where else can you witness a sunrise above the clouds while dancing to your favourite tunes?

Meadows takes pride in its eco-conscious approach, with a strict “leave no trace” policy. The entire site is built using locally-sourced materials, and they’ve even implemented permaculture principles into their infrastructure. Plus, their collaboration with the local forestry unit to plant trees is a step towards combatting our carbon footprint.

This year marks the 12th edition of Meadows In The Mountains and in this time, their curations have gained a reputation for showcasing a unique and low-key lineup giving a platform to artists on the cusp of recognition and striving for equality in artist fees. This means you’ll discover hidden gems you never knew existed, plus a sprinkle of favourites in the likes of Onur Ozer and Vlada.

Some of the artists invited include London spinner Anna Wall, Melina Serser’s enchanting bag of gems, as well as Brussels-based tastemaker Walrus. This year, he will bring his Beautiful Freaks project to the mountain with a series of devoted diggers. Giegling’s Konstantin also features, as well as cult hero Vladimir Ivkovic.

Check out the full line-up here and buy tickets for Meadows In The Mountains here

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