Libertine Industries host AMIR for a XXL after-hours session

For the 16th edition of Libertine Industries podcast series, the Berlin / Barcelona-based record store/label have something rather special lined up. With their labels, podcast, and events having a keen ear for electro-tinged bangers and this super-extended mix deliver all manner of weapons during this 11.5-hour session.

Coming via the expert hand of the mysterious AMIR there is more twists and turns than in an Agatha Christie novel and the music?! What can we say about the music? Super-sized snares, bassbin killing basslines, and a decidedly gothic vibe that lends itself to super dark ethos of the label. It is not all doom and gloom however and there are more than enough light flecking through the gloom. Acid wiggles rub up against proto breaks and 80’s electro but not before the darker nu skool breaks has its say.

The title may say after-hours but this mix has everything all bundled together and strung out over the course of the full 11.5 hours mix. At several points, there are even tidy cut and paste, megamix sections that throw together a multitude of genres together including rap’s Public Enemy. This is an impressive mix that is not scared to pull the handbrake on and veer down a blind alley at breakneck speed. The run time is insane when you consider how the tracks are mixed, so this is one for the open-minded but not the feint-hearted.

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