LEON launches new party brand and record label FUTURA

If you have been clubbing in Ibiza or been to a Music On event in the last few years there is a very high chance that you would have caught Italian artist LEON absolutely knock it out of the park. Having been plucked from obscurity a long time he has since played some of the biggest parties in the world and now it is time to welcome the future of electronic music to the fold.

This new project comes by way of a new party brand and record label FUTURA. The concept is a simple one but offers a two-pronged approach. Each month there will a new release from a combination of emerging artists and certified legends. The first release will come from Leon himself with following tracks from the likes of Luuk Van Dijk, Janeret, Harry Wills, Koko, and Ben Balance alongside more established names like Youandewan, and Mark Ambrose and that is just for starters. If have caught LEON’s sets you will know how diverse there and FUTURA speaks directly to this love all house and techno.

The second phase of the project is one that is going to knock the socks off clubbers around the world with a series of planned parties. Using all his experience as a touring LEON has dates lined up in London, Naples and Amsterdam and you can count on the lineup being insane with visuals and production to match. Of course, this is a huge undertaking and one that needs a strong team behind it and FUTURA has one of the strongest all-star crews we have seen. With LEON leading the way he is joined by Andrei Mixtura (Mutabor, Signal Festival, Outline Festival) who will be taking care of the insane graphic designs, Neil Evans (Amnesia Ibiza director), and Diego Lopera (Seb Zito’s manager) will be taking care of the management roles, and Graham Sahara is label manager.

Keep em peeled for brand new music coming from FUTURA very soon.

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