Just Jam sets out on The Real Quest for the forbidden fruit

For those that don’t know Just Jam, he is a heck of a guy. Not only does he have a serious eye for adventure he also has the sickest jams around. The work of Beeyou co-founder Jamie Mannion, Just Jam is a label that offers a bit more than your average house label. Drenched in tongue-in-cheek comedy and wicked graphics the adventures of Just Jam trace the releases coming from the label and each ‘episode’ helps to develop the ever-expanding storyline of the main character Just Jam.

With the first ’episode’ dropping back in March via the Just Jam Bandcamp page the main protagonist sets out on a quest set by his ol’ Jampa to find the mythical fruit and bring glory to his Jamily. The story is a torrid one but certainly, one that is going to have a kick ass soundtrack. Filled with pristine basslines, unearthed vocal samples, and tight grooves the second episode steps things up a fair bit.

The second digital release begins with ‘Jam 4 Luv’, shimmering pads, bumping bass and beats, and a classic vocal sample combine to produce a rocking groove. ‘Paradise Edit 001’ is also sample heaven with a gorgeous string-laden workout that sounds like it could have easily have been produced in the early 90’s house heyday but has been wound up for the modern dance floor. Of course, the cartoon storyline, which is the ace work of Harry Luderman aka illudastrations is just a bit of fun but there is nothing that is going to detract from how sick the music is.

Episode 1 and 2 of Just Jam is available now on the Just Jam Bandcamp page. To bring you up to speed the first two episodes’ cartoons are below.

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