Ibiza super clubs to remain closed for the time being

With much of Europe’s nightlife currently in the process of waking up from the COVID-19 nightmare with an almighty industry sized hangover, at present Ibiza will not be opening up for business straight away. From a story run by newspaper El Diario the sad news has been announced that Ibiza’s fabled super clubs will not be opening for the current season in its entirety and will instead look to get back to business in full as of 2021. This was the state of play at the time of going to press but we have been informed that this is an ongoing case that will be reviewed every 15 days.

With Spain taking their first tentative steps towards regaining their once-thriving nightlife industry it is not all bad news. Beach clubs and open-air venues look to be returning this season in some shape or form but this will of course be subject to strict safety conditions. So, although the bigger clubs will not be open there will be options for enjoying music on the island this season.

While it is a very sad day when the White Isle’s powerhouse clubs will possibly remain closed until 2021 there is still a whole lot of island to consider this summer. For a starter, the island’s natural beauty is a good enough reason and large swathes of the Balearic hotspot have remained untouched. With footfall being down as a result of the closure this could be the perfect time to experience the island without the draw of nightclubs getting in the way. As with all corners of the nightlife industry these first steps are always careful ones and we wish all those involved in the Ibiza music scene all the best and we look forward to seeing the likes of Pyramid Ibiza, DC-10, Octan, and Ibiza Underground return as soon as possible.

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