Houghton Festival confirms dates for 2020 edition

With the thought of last year’s ill-fated Houghton Festival still weighing heavy on the hearts of the organisers they have taken stock and regrouped for 2020. The date for this year’s event will be taking place at the same location in Houghton as previously and will run from Thursday, August 6th to Monday, August 10th.

There is no further information on who will be appearing at this year’s festival but as it is curated by Craig Richards you can expect a stellar cast of artists that are close friends of Craig and fabric. To give you just some scope of how good the line-up has been and surely will be last year Craig had lined up sets from A-Future, Digby, DJ Masda, Dyed Soundorom, E/Tape, Francesco Del Garda, Fumiya Tanaka, Jane Fitz, Margaret Dygas, Nicolas Lutz, Raresh, Schatrax, Sonja Moonear, The Ghost, Voigtmann and of course Ricardo Villalobos. That only gives an inkling into calibre of minimal and stripped back house and techno artists that may appear and the list of genres and artists goes on and on.

With the music and out of this world stage production aside, there is so much more to Houghton Festival. Wellness is a major element to this weekender and attendees can sign up for classes at no extra cost where they can even take part in yoga, meditation and group discussions and panels. Another great aspect of Houghton is the tier less ticketing system, this means that there is no camping upgrades and everybody is on the exact same level – the way it should be. With the extreme weather conditions putting paid to last year’s event this year will be as popular as ever so make sure you don’t sleep on getting your ticket when they are released on Tuesday, February 4th.

Event | Tickets TBA

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