Freiya turns one-year old with a NYD bash to round off a spectacular 12 months

Launching with a massive bang on New Year’s Day 2022, Freiya offered up a new era of underground music in Liverpool and haven’t they just delivered on that promise. Kicking open the doors on their new project resident and founder Josh Tatler scoured the world of minimal and tech house and put together a rather tasty lineup that included Apollonia member Shonky, Swiss maestro Alci, Italian cosmonaut Viceversa as well as Stump resident Kearun and of course the main man himself. As you might expect the results were unreal and the aptly named and massive influential 24 Kitchen street cooked up a storm that set Freiya on their way.

Wishing to ensure that their parties have the time and freedom to unfold as they should, the team next set their sights on the next infamous bank holiday – Easter. This celebration has long lost its religious connection as savvy promoters such as Freiya recognise that the extended hours and that all important Monday off is all the excuse they need to throw a kickass party. So, in the name of a make-believe character from an old book they procured the talents of two heroes of the London minimal scene to blow up the substation of Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory.

First up is Rossko, this Fuse core member needs absolutely no introduction but he most definitely deserves one. Having been pivotal in the success of the East London rave and its subsequent world-wide acclaim Rossko can always be found knee-deep in any party, usually behind the decks slamming in party detonating rhythms. Next is CaLLy, a Romanian artist that has really helped to shape the minimal landscape in the capital and countless other hub locations. On hand to set the tone is the ever ready Tatler and that he did and a whole lot more.

In keeping with their no stress events Freiya next pitch up to the jaw dropping Invisible Wind Factory for another round of high octane Bank Holiday shenanigans. This time around they have linked up with Swiss G’s Under the Tree. A long-time friend of Trommel, we can confirm their party ethos is finely aligned and so the stage was set for yet another bomb night. For the occasion, they welcomed Romanian star Arapu where he played a perfectly balanced extended set that flowed as smoothly as the Rhine but with more undercurrents than the Mersey. Repping UTT was resident Romano, and with a wealth of experience at his finger tips and the sonic gems to match garnered from the consistently standout editions of the Swiss party he was right at home. Offering the UK side of the collaboration was of course Tatler.

For Freiya’s most recent party the crew headed back to where it all began – 24 Kitchen Street. They again team up with a Romanian contingent and what could be deemed as one of the most influential pairing of perhaps the second wave Romanian fleet. In solo mode Nu Zau and Sepp are truly a force to be reckoned with and their productions and remixes are so highly prized that they could fill a book on their solo accomplishments. As this is Freiya the demand is something a bit more special and so they hooked up with the pair for a special UVAR label night where they played an extended set b2b. For anybody that has witnessed their unique chemistry in the booth will know just how exceptional this performance would have been in such a small capacity venue.

So, you are all caught up on what has been such a stunning 12 months in the world of Freiya and they are poised to blow out the candles on their first birthday with another roof threatening party. Moving in a slightly different direction for their first birthday that will take place back at 24 Kitchen Street on NYD they have on board a pair of rising stars in the making. American born but now based in Ibiza, CHKLTE has been making all the right moves and sounds. He is a regular for the likes of Miami’s Un_Mute, New York’s ReSolute and of course where he cut his teeth with Austin’s Blacktone crew. In Europe, there are few top parties that have not welcomed this blooming artist, but his smooth track selection and liquid gold productions belies his towering presence. Another artist that is rapidly racking up the air miles is UK’s Michael James and his discography is already bursting at the seams. Constant Groove, OGE, Rowle, Hoarder, Fuse, Infuse, they all house groovey bombs from James. Joining Tatler will be new addition to the setup B.rad, and having been industriously cultivating his sound over the last few years he is now ready to unleash his skills on the Freiya faithful on New Year’s Day.

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