FOLD’s license woes deepen with the result of full hearing

After our initial report on London hotspot FOLD having their license suddenly revoked by Newham Council there seemed to be a reprieve of this decision when the suspension was lifted with a full license hearing to be held in the following weeks. This allowed events such as Cartulis 10th birthday (which we attended and reviewed), Half Baked 10th birthday afterparty and Resident Advisor’s 24-hour party to go ahead as planned but it seemed to be a short-lived victory.

As a result of this full hearing, the club has now sadly had its license revoked and has again thrown the future of the club and the events that call it home into turmoil. FOLD remains upbeat and positive in the face of this deeply frustrating news and has confirmed that they will remain open while they are battling this decision. FOLD also issued the following statement –

“Unfortunately, at yesterday’s hearing, we had our license revoked, meaning that Fold remains under threat.

Whilst this is hugely frustrating, we can and will stay open whilst we appeal this decision. This weekend and for the foreseeable future, it will be business as usual.

All the support we have received throughout this difficult period, not only from our community but from the diverse members of the creative world, will not go in vain whilst we continue to fight our corner.
We are confident that our appeal will be successful and continue to defend ourselves.

We are standing strong in the face of the continued adversity and are confident that the police and licensing will conclude that we have not acted with any impropriety.

In one year we have built a hub, a home, and united so many different people from so many different backgrounds, we will not let that go.

When we open the doors this weekend, we look forward to seeing all our FOLD family on the dance floor.”

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