Echoes Festival: where LA meets the European underground

Echoes Festival, a shared project from LA crews Midnight Lovers and Sunday Sessions present a weekend festival in the heart of Sequoia National Forest. Nestled in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California, this three-day event promises to transport the deeper sounds of European dance floors straight to the verdant grounds of a private resort.

From August 31 to September 2, 2024, Echoes Festival will transform a private estate along the picturesque banks of the Kern River into a haven for house and techno enthusiasts. Just a three-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles, this secluded location boasts lush surroundings, natural hot spring jacuzzis and two inviting pools, setting up for a luscious weekend of immersive dance music and natural beauty.

In their debut edition, the carefully curated lineup features a mix of international heavyweights and beloved local selectors, ready to deliver extended sets across two stages all day and night. Giegling mainstays Leafar Legov and Konstantin are amongst the guests, as well as Dana Ruh and Adam Collins aka Omni A.M.

Imagine dancing beneath the stars with the sound of the river flowing nearby, surrounded by huge hills and trees in the national park. This unique location rich in history from the days of the gold rush offers a very unique experience of electronic music. The natural hot springs and jacuzzis provide the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate between sets, while the two pools offer a refreshing dip to cool off from the dance floor heat.

Midnight Lovers and Sunday Sessions have crafted an event that melds the intimate, laid-back vibes of LA’s party scene with the deeper, driving sounds of Europe’s underground. The weekend will also feature wellness activities, ambient music and food programming soon to be announced. This fusion promises a fresh festival experience, bringing together like-minded souls for a weekend of connection, celebration, and unforgettable music.

As the first Echoes Festival sets its sights on creating an annual tradition, this inaugural event is set to raise the bar for house and techno festivals in California. The combination of a stunning natural setting, top-tier musical talent and a community of passionate ravers promises an experience that resonates long after the festival.

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