Doel announce their second edition at mythical Flemish town

The Flemish town of Doel might not immediately be the most obvious location for an en mass meeting of creative minds. For the many amongst you that might not have heard of Doel, there is a wholly curious tale at the core of the city itself, right next to the River Scheldt in the western tip of Belgium. This also happens to be where Doel Festival has made its home and its second edition will take place on Saturday, September 16th.

Among the guests from the previous edition are Sweely, Ogazon, DJ Dustin, DJ Nobu, Donato Dozzy, Dyed Soundorom b2b Evan Baggs, tINI b2b Doudou MD, XDB, Driss Benis and Ceephax Acid Crew (live) and many more.

With Doel being a fairytale-like town frozen in time, consisting of old historic buildings and almost dystopian streets that give you the impression that the years just passed by without leaving a trace, the whole experience itself promises to be one to remember. After all, any good festival is not exclusively about the music nor the venue, but about a mixture of the two and how that occurrence leaves behind a specific memory and feeling that you can associate with it.

Having one main stage located within the narrow streets of the mythical town, there is an intimate feeling that you will find in this remarkable nostalgia-breathing urban environment. A place where the layers of the past are blending with the contemporary, on the facades of the buildings still standing and ever-evolving because of weekly additions of new graffiti art.

AGY3NA – Alfred Anders – Barker (live) – Best Served Cold – Calibre – Dana Kuehr, Gurl & islas – Dana Montana – Dance Divine – DJ Gigola – DJ Plant Texture – DJ Rino DVS1 – FBQ – Flapy – Hill Men – John Noseda – Juliana Huxtable & JASSS – juliojulio Lengelhair – Lilihell – Lola Haro – Luigi Tozzi Live – Mandana – Mayell – Melissa Juice Nala Brown – Nathalie Seres – Nosedrip – Ogazon & Merve – Om Unit pres. Acid Dub Studies (live) – Peter van Hoesen (live) – Phanom – Postelein – Rozevelt – Sixsixsixties – Sugar Free – Sybil – Vera Logdanidi – Vlada – Zouzibabe

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