Charity label Needs delivers the world’s first recyclable vinyl release

Non-profit collective and record label Needs has for quite some has time been promoting artists by way of the event series and imprint. They have given back a lot to a scene that is littered with individuals that live with many issues including mental health. The emotional side of dance music has more fall out than the obvious and while vinyl is perhaps a more direct link to the artists and labels the affects it has on the environment are damaging. Needs have been working tirelessly to rectify this and it would seem that they have their breakthrough moment.

Partnering with Holland’s Green Vinyl Records they have devised a greener, recyclable way to press records with no immediate draw backs. The energy and materials used in the pressing of vinyl has not changed in many, many years and this is taking its toll on the earth’s resources. Until now, once a record is pressed it cannot be recycled, unless you count turning it into garish flooring or novelty clocks, which nobody likes.

That was until Needs found Green Vinyl Records who has devised a way to press records using 100% recyclable materials, 60% less energy and it used no PVC. Rather than high energy consumption steam method this new revolutionary new method uses mould injection. For those of you reading this that involved in vinyl production and record labels you will know that the lead time for producing a vinyl release is currently a tad elongated. This new process will hopefully mean in the future that production is cheaper, quicker and will come with no moral price tag too.

As well as the clear environmental pluses, the record will actually sound better too. For one, this new record manufacturing process will mean a wider frequency spectrum, the record will harder wearing producing a four times as long record life and will incredible feature no warping. Any one of these features is a massive breakthrough in itself but considering all benefits this is a huge step forward for the art form. To commemorate their history making partnership they have produced the six track ‘The Future of Vinyl’ EP with tracks Saoirse, Pugilist, Reptant, Sansibar, LUXE and Hassan Abou Alan and you can pre-order the release from the link below.

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