Butik, Why?Not and Lighthouse join forces for a week long festival in Zanzibar

Butik Festival is joining forces with Lighthouse and WhyNotClub for a week-long curation in Zanzibar.

The two collectives are known for their unique happenings. Butik is the slice of Slovenian paradise that invites a unique blend of artists to gather just outside the Slovenian city of Tolmin. Lighthouse is a European collective known for similar serene events, with showcases in Zanzibar, Croatia and South Africa.

Both crews will link with the WhyNot Club on their home turf for this Zanzibar gathering. WhyNot’s venue is at the centre of the city’s growing scene, regularly hosting eclectic artists like Wareika and Tristan Da Cunha.

The week-long festival will run from the 15th to the 22nd of February 2024, envisioning a fusion of various bliss locations and a carefully curated lineup.

Zanzibar is the perfect location for combining nature with endurance partying. The stunning spot off the coast of East Africa is growing in popularity for unique events. Sunwaves recently hosted their first edition there, as well as the Soundscapes curation in July setting the scene for great sound systems and prolific artists in the house and minimal sphere.

Butik, Lighthouse and WhyNot have plans for various daytime pool parties, sandbank, catamaran & villa parties, and much more throughout the week. Artists are invited to play several extended sets, including festival favourites Sedef Adasi and Ogazon. Amsterdam’s SlapFunk regulars Doudou MD and DJ Senc bring their deftly dance floor flavours, alongside French artists Occibel and the Morninglory Crew.

Butik Festival resident Alex Ranerro will feature with Lighthouse residents Sumi, Alice and Stipo, plus a selection of local Zanzibar artists in Bruno Curtis, Ramez, Max Hackauff and Ras Moses. Check out the full line-up here:

This collaborative project offers everything you need to escape the winter season and delve into a week-long curation centered around music, mesmerising landscapes and relaxation.

Buy tickets for the Zanzibar Gathering 2024 here.

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