Bloop close out their year with their annual Xmas Party

Headed up by founder Cruz, Bloop have had an unreal year considering the sad loss of their brother Magazino earlier in the year. Spurred on by his loving memory they have hooked up some of the scenes most in demand names. From their own parties with guests The Ghost, Gromma, Anah, and La Grugga at their last dance, Giuliano Lamonte, Sam Bangura, Modex, Luisa at their combined rave with Half Baked and their 15th birthday with Onur Ozer, Christian AB, Kaesar and Lumiere.

For their last party of the year Bloop will be taking over the visually stunning Kubu on Saturday, December 17th. Resident Cruz has gathered together an ever-expanding family of artists both domestic and international to make sure Christmas arrives with a bang. Lisbon has always been a hotspot for epic parties but Bloop ensures with this party that this legacy will most definitely continue.

Heading up the charge is Frenchman Lamache and the Discobar boss and given his touring schedule his record bag will be brimming with the unknown bombs that make him so influential. Joining will be ERIS member Enrica Falqui and this Italian is becoming just as big a draw and with a fresh twist on house and techno Enrica is covering just much ground. Local heroes Parisian artist Penelope and Bessone will be providing the starters for the main course to come at this picturesque restaurant turned intimate rave spot.

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