Barcelona collective Checkpoint celebrate 10 years with a world tour

Checkpoint celebrates 10 memorable years with a massive world tour across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Having worked with over 270 artists over their 10 year span, Barcelona-based collective has become known for their unique events both in sound and location. Dotted around at various DIY spaces, villas and warehouses, their showcases create a unique vibe that is matched with their diverse taste in music.

Regulars at the infamous Sonar, their musical ties work closely with the biggest names in the business. Inspired by the difficult-to-define, genre-crossing scene centered heavily around vinyl culture, their tasteful curations have become a reliable source in Barcelona and further afield and all under the watchful hands of Remy, Rainer and Sampol.

Back in 2018, we caught up with one of the crew’s core residents, Rainer, discussing his creative process and his connection to Barcelona. The Checkpoint network has blossomed to a fully global scale, regularly linking with unique spaces across the world including the mesmeric rooftop at the museum of contemporary art (MCA) in Sydney.

In their home city, Barcelona, their showcases have been through a memorable journey at the likes of Meetingpoint gallery in Macba, bio construction, boats, castles, everything and anywhere, not just clubs to host these artists on exquisite sound systems. Recently, the crew have adopted the newly opened Les Enfants Brilliants venue where they recently hosted Andrew James Gustav, Omar, DJ Masda, Levat live and Evan Baggs.

As they approach their 10-year anniversary, the plans for Barcelona invite another stream of talented artists. The 3rd of December welcomes the fabric veteran Craig Richards for an extended set accompanied by resident DJ Remy.

Returning to Les Enfants Brilliants on New Year’s Eve, DMX Krew’s ecstatic live set comes to the city alongside the Italian talent Brasi. This pairing of artists is sure to be a unique experience, contrasting Brasi’s emotive tendencies with DMX Krew’s raw and authentic electro. Each curation targets artists with their own unique spin on dance music, invited to share their eclectic vision via extended sets on great sound systems.

The world tour will start in December and January in Australia and Asia. First up, they return to the breathtaking rooftop at Sydney’s MCA with Perlon’s prolific Binh. Hearing the German artists raw strains of techno and electro with the background of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Residents Rainer and Sampol will also play b2b on the roof, warming up the floor with their tasteful stripped back cuts.

Africa is the next stop, visiting a festival in the Algerian desert that is soon to be announced with a number of artists close to the brand. North and South America follows in March and April, before closing up in Europe with several collaborative showcases at some of the best clubs on the circuit.

Buy tickets for Checkpoint meets fabric with Craig Richards here and stay tuned for news on their forthcoming events.

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