Bandcamp and Resident Advisor join the movement and make a stand against racial injustice

The outrage and subsequent unrest relating to the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement has been gripping but necessary as the horrifying situation continues to escalate. With the Black Community contributing so much to almost all corners of the music world especially electronic music, Bandcamp has recognised this and will be offering their support to this truly worthy cause that affects us all.

In a similar vein to their support of musical creatives that use their platform, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of all sales on Friday, June 19th to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The revenue generated by this will offer much-needed support and add awareness of the horrendous tragedies and racial inequality being experienced by people of colour around the world not just in America. As well as this, Bandcamp will also be allocating an additional $30,000 a year to help fight racial injustice. Mark the date in your diary where you can do your bit to help the situation.

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Similarly, Resident Advisor will be pledging $15,000 as well as further ongoing funds to a range of foundations supporting black communities and protests in the US. The electronic music platform will also be matching their staff’s personal contributions to the organisations of their choice. This support will also be further informing their editorial direction with the curation of their content and on-site advertising where they will be giving a larger voice to the Black Community.

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