Art of Dark celebrate three birthdays in one with their 23-hour journey

What started as a small rave for friends has over the last 13 years grown to become one of the most influential events in the underground house and techno scene. Regularly bringing artists such as Binh, Evan Baggs, Francecso Del Garda, Dr Banana, the list is endless. For their birthday events on July 1st and 2nd they have cooked up something rather special.

With the after effects still have a knock-on effect on London’s events sphere Artof Dark took the decision to forego their normal birthday plans in favour of celebrating in true Art of Dark style. The result is an extended party that will take in two of London’s finest night spots and a collection of the best artists in the business.

The first leg of this weekend long adventure will take place at where else but FOLD. A no-nonsense venue that is designed to strip back the unrequired frills to expose one of the best dance spaces in the world. The party will run here for 11 hour and for some that would be more than enough, but Art of Dark do not do things by halves. Once the final beat has fallen on the dancefloor leg two will be kicking off across the city at Star Lan Pizza Bar where the party will continue well into the night.

The artists that will be providing the soundtrack across these two excellent venues will be  Onur Özer, Jane Fitz, Matthias, Unai Trotti, Raphael Carrau sohrab. Brasi, Vass, and of course the omnipresent force of Colin Chiddle. Any one of these artists would be capable of delivering a birthday set to remembered but the fact you will be able to catch any one of these artists over the course the weekend is worthy of your attendance.

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