Andy Luff heads to Indonesia for Vacation Records

Vacation Records continue their Southeast Asian adventures with two fresh dates in Jakarta and Bali.

The collective began last year with a vision to deliver high-quality music through top-tier sound systems in stunning locations. Combining their diverse range of influences, the minds behind the project consist of Angga, Skoon, ØH, Ray, and Zizlavsky, each bringing a fresh perspective on contemporary club music.

DJ Masda, Josh Baker and Ferro are the first to have crossed the borders into this breathtaking corner of the world. Already, Vacation’s fresh curations have become a highly anticipated feature in the areas between Jakarta and Bali, fusing tasteful music with exceptional environments.

London bossman Andy Luff is the next to make the trip, bringing his sultry house music to the Asian sands. His Picnic project has long been a staple in the London underground, hosting extended showcases across the capital as well as releasing pivotal tracks on Picnic Records.

Saturday 1st July is the third showcase of the ‘Still on Vacation’ series. The Indonisian capital Jakarta will welcome DJs from the Vacation crew alongside Andy Luff, Kevin T from Perky Club and Wifo from Leave Me Alone.

Lucy in The Sky is the venue of choice, the stunning rooftop location features a slick sound system nestled in a bohemian garden with amazing views across the city.

Vacation later heads to Bali for a special collaboration with Peels Records. Taking over their Peels Records & Bar spot, Andy Luff will again feature in the cosy spot where you can have a dig and enjoy the beautiful scenes in Bali.

Electronic music is spreading to all corners of the globe, evidencing the health of this underground network centered around stripped-back dance music often played on vinyl. Attention is driven highly towards audiophile levels of sound whilst maintaining a very up-for-it, hedonistic vibe.

You can expect much more to come from the Vacation collective with plans to feature Baldo, Magico and more soon to be announced.

Jakarta – Saturday 1st July
Lucy in The Sky Jakarta SPARK
Senayan Park
Jl. Gerbang Pemuda No.3, RT.1/RW.3, Jakarta

Bali, Friday, 20th July
Peels Records & Bar
Pererenan 70P, Bali

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