Alliance FACE the Music has been formed to enact industry change

With COVID-19 currently ravaging the music industry worldwide the decision has been made by a consortium of booking and management agencies, artists, promoters, club owners and other professionals to rebuild the way that scene interacts with the powers that be.

FACE the Music will bring together representatives from the likes of Yoyaku Agency, Toi Toi Musik, Fabric London, Mutek Festival, The BPM Festival, Visionquest, Avant Garden, BArstist Agency, Bleach Agency, Zero Logistics, Nomad Talent, Lola ED, Minibar, Discobar, and Subsonic Music Festival with a clear aim of establishing a platform from which they can openly discuss hot topics with the decision-makers that will ensure the longevity and prosperity of the nightlife industry. The worldwide nightlife industry is a multi-billion-pound industry that has far-reaching socio-economic benefits and this alliance has been founded with a clear and present mandate to raise awareness of the intellectual, academic, artistic, and (counter) cultural possibilities.

As well as opening and nurturing dialogue channels with the bodies responsible for enacting real change in our community it will also be the role of FACE the Music to ensure that all relevant information pertaining to the current pandemic that has an as yet unknown effect on the industry as a whole. This will give serious firepower to those fighting for the support that they sorely need in order to remain active. The current uncertainty surrounding how and when the industry will again be reopening is crippling and FACE the Music will be doing all they can to bring the beat back to the people.

If you would like to become a member then you can do so at By doing so you become a member of a growing alliance that will look to offer various benefits, collaborations, and initiatives that will strengthen our community as well as the way it is perceived by those that govern it.

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