A fake Sunwaves 27 + 28 event has been set up

As we previously reported Romanian president Klaus Iohannis has confirmed that there will be no large-scale events for the remainder of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is the case at present this could perhaps change if circumstances in Romania change for the better. While any development in Romania could result in Sunwaves 27 + 28 going ahead as originally planned this remains to be seen.

With this in mind and also with the Epizode Festival scenario still ongoing a fake Sunwaves Festival event has been set up by Sunwaves Festival 2020 Live. It is not known why this event has been set up but if you are looking to purchase tickets for the event that is due to be taking place between Thursday, September 3rd, and Tuesday, September 8th please exercise caution and remember to always buy from the official Sunwaves ticket site which is found on the official Sunwaves Facebook page.

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