Shaun Soomro & Mikael Stavöstrand – Echoes Of Paradise Reworked (LMDRMX016)

Lick My Deck is known for bringing to life amazing releases from the best underground artists available: since 2007, amazing producers like Ion Ludwig, Petre Inspirescu, Bruno Pronsato and Thomas Melchior, just to name a few, have released on this imprint.

After the huge success of LMD020 Pata Din Mijlocul Naturii, a 12″ written by Barac, Lick My Deck presents ‎their first issue of 2018: Schatrax & Shaun Soomro rework of “Echoes Of Paradise“.

Lick My Deck’s first ever collaboration EP “Echoes Of Paradise” by Shaun Soomro & Mikael Stavostrand (2016) gets now reworked by Schatrax and a brand new special mix by Soomro himself.

House music is full of mysterious earworms, tracks many people recognize but few actually know. Throughout the ’90s, a steady stream of these came from the studio of Josh Brent, a producer from the Isle Of Wight better known as Schatrax. In his heyday, Brent released dozens of records under a few different names, but it was his Schatrax white labels that resonated the most. As a whole, the series established a sound that’s still fresh some 20 years later, and included a bundle of what you might call “underground classics”—”Misspent Years,” “Champagne Dancer” and “Restless Nights” among others.

Josh reworks “Street Code Symphony” in classic Schatrax esque style turning it into a beautiful timeless cut. It recalls his best works as Schatrax –  sparse, jacking, lush and dreamy with a sense of mystery created by a master crafts man who set the blueprint for this sound.

Shaun Soomro’s re-vision of Paradise Lost takes things in a completely different direction also, but in heavyweight Dub mode. Drawing it’s groove from a mesmerising sub bass, Shaun layers and recomposes from the first Violin recording session & plays in new string segments that blossom and develop the more you listen, creating a epic symphonic dub masterpiece. Definitely one to keep the late night Warrior’s in a trance!



Release Date: March 2018

Vinyl Only


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