Saudi Arabia meets Spain in Baloo’s new label project Gabu Records

Gabu Records is the newfound project from experienced artist Baloo, igniting a mission to bring their versatile vision to life presenting music made for dark and sweaty dance floors, as well as the sun-kissed beach parties enjoyed in both their opposing home towns. The first EP shows a collaboration between him and Carlo.

The Malaga-born and Berlin-based producer Carlo continues a fine streak of form following releases for the likes of Bristol’s prolific Shall Not Fade imprint, Classic Music Company and Purism, continuing his decade spanning explorations within fresh and uplifting realms flirting between house and disco. Last year also saw the birth of his own label Atteral, presenting releases from both his own vaults and fellow friends and producers pushing this soulful, blissed-out aesthetic.

Baloo on the other hand is a dedicated digger who has been pushing the Saudi Arabian scene for decades. As well as being a core part of the creative cultural platform MDLBEAST promoting local music culture, the DJ-producer has refined his craft through throwing events around Saudi and connecting with wider scenes around the world. This past weekend, Baloo was warming up for Rhadoo and Cap at New York’s Resolute party b2b with Maksim.

Putting these two veteran minds together for the first release clearly states that Gabu Records is an exciting prospect. The collaborative EP from Baloo and Carlo is made of two playful jams that nail their vision to a tee. Taking influence from uplifting house and disco moods, as well as the crafty and agile nature of minimal, both tracks are filled with intriguing energy and character.

‘Sweet Tooth’ is the more laid back, chuggy of the two. Patiently building over a classy and sprightful bassline, atmospheres spread over a stripped back beat layered with shades of garage. A snappy snare drum leads the charge, setting the foundations for a lush chord sequence that washes into the mix. Sounds complement each other with a timeless appeal, testament to the pair’s experience in music and pristine, sensible sound design.

Slick bongos add a layer of energy into the mix, adding another level of depth to this genre transgressing track that is perfect for many scenarios in a sweaty club, or seeing in the sunrise or sunset on the beach. ‘In The Area’ explores a more melodic front. Stunning chords sing in unison with a stuttering bassline, creating an almost glitchy, sample driven texture adding a fresh twang and zest to the mood of the track.

Big, dub-techno style chords entwine with a lush female vocal oozing with class. The two producers combinations of influence, nods to disco, minimal and house music histories makes for a real unique and refreshing sound. It’s the kind of enigmatic, feel-good house music you will hear from Ricardo on a good day. The future of this collaborative project is definitely one to watch.

Buy the EP at the label’s Bandcamp.

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