Review: Alec Falconer – 2XGREEN [2XGREEN]

Few artists have done more to generate goodwill and unapologetic fun to dancefloors than Alec Falconer since his first release on wax back in 2018. Having a good time seems to be at the forefront of his music philosophy, whether it’s his own productions, alongside Harry Wills and Rob Amboule as Phone Traxxx or signing off releases on his label 2X. Considering the world situation right now, we could all use some goodwill as Falconer debuts on his own label with 2XGREEN.

Whilst his sound hops between off-the-wall garage, pumping tech-house and playful techno, there’s an underlying theme to his tracks – a sense of both playfulness and boisterousness. It’s prevalent in his sets, too and naturally, it’s showcased on this double-sided 12″.

Both sides enlist the same end goal – to get people partying and wallflowers moving, but Reflector Dub feels like a quintessential Falconer track by this point. It’s not hard to imagine that he’s spent an inordinate amount of time on various dancefloors as his tracks seem to be perfectly constructed to cause a raucous. Reflector Dub’s drums are smirkingly punchy whilst the label-head showcases his love-affair for mischievous and light-hearted 303s. Though it’s the vintage and boisterous keys which morph this track from a nifty little groover into a fully-fledged party-starter.

On the flip side, there’s Something For Mtkvarse, which feels slightly more melancholic than it’s predecessor. To call it a sun-kissed roller would be doing the track a huge injustice, but it’s impossible not to imagine this one being played during sunset after a breezy day party.

The early breaks evolve into a 4×4 drum pattern whilst the captivating bassline invokes nostalgia for a bygone era of music production. The melody illustrates Falconer’s development into what you could call deeper sounds, the synth is glistening throughout and adds a heavy dose of warmth to the track. House meets breaks again with a track-defining hoover invoking a sure-fire smile and hands in the air reaction.

2XGreen sold out at most major record stores faster than you can say wonky-UKG-bangers, but represses are already on the way at Juno, Deejay and most record stores.

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