Review: Wiremü – Bonheur [PT011 – Pathway Traxx]

Leeds based vinyl imprint Pathway Traxx are set to release number eleven of the series, this time from local newcomer Wiremü. Label head Niko Maxen has always done well with releasing music from artists that are local to the city and surrounding areas in the Midlands and Northern England. The likes of Jack Wickham, Kepler, Michael James have all formerly released on the label in, and other than Wiremü stepping up for this EP, Ray Mono will also be releasing with Pathway in the not to distant future.


Wiremü is the Maori name for William, which is his birth name, and this chosen name is something that is close to his heart due to his New Zealand Maori heritage. After coming over to the UK, Will studied in Leeds for a few years, being around the musical influences that frequent on the circuit up there and decided to stick around and ground himself in the city. A forward thinking, logical and technical producer, his approach to making music tends to be built up from layers of sounds built through sequencers, and he tells us this is where he mainly starts due to the creativity that comes from loading in sounds and creating patterns that encourage an initial groove. Recently Will created his own Reaktor instrument using Multiple Euclidean Rhythm Sequencers based on the Euclidean rhythm theory, and when speaking of this he adds “I have a real connection with it, maybe because of my Maori heritage and the slight changing of beat through time.”



You can hear that sequenced sound at the start of the first track ‘Bonheur’, kicking of with some drum hits and modular sounding patterns that sound slightly warped whilst accompanying the kick drum. One of the most outstanding elements of the track is the vocal, a poem called Bonheur which Will translated into English. The poem flows through the track, made up of multiple pitches and tones, and processed through a PSP42 for delays, Vertigo VSM Mix Satellite and the LA3A . As the track builds, the drum elements which come in bring more of a chugging sound to the main body of the composition. The first major breakdown comes into play and introduces an evolving riff from a flute which was heard briefly in the back of the mix a few minutes in. A wind instrument with this sound is something that isn’t always heard in modern music, but works perfectly in this track, and possibly pays homage to Wiremü’s Maori blood. As the track continues, parts of the flute pattern are used as shorter stabs that accompany the drum beats. Another vocal is brought into the mix just before the main breakdown is induced, before the other elements show their heads again, resulting in that driving rhythm that defines the track. This is 13 minute track is a real journey, and the trippy vocal rounds of the first side of the record as a 2 minute long acapella.


“The theme of the poem is around the Pursuit of Happiness aka Poursuite du Bonheur. Everyone’s journey in love is different and therefore I wanted it to be open to various interpretations.”


‘Millions’ opens up the B-Side of the release, a darker track that mirrors the chugging elements portrayed in the title track. A woman sings over the track, which is reversed at certain points, as well as short snippets of it are used as rising effects. There is also use of pitched up bongo drums which mimic the melody of the vocal at certain breaks in the track. Low and moody stabs that creep through the middle of the mix. This track touches on the darker side of things, and touches on the Romanian sounds (we could imagine hearing G76 play this, possibly even Mr. Villalobos!).


Wrapping up the release is a remix from head honcho at Pathway Traxx, Niko Maxen. His take on the title track is smoother and more dreamy, making use of the sequenced hits and tones. We really enjoy the way he keeps a similar vibe, whilst bringing his own signature sound to the track. The mood swings and changes slightly through the track, with parts being more housey, before being taken in another direction using pads and atmospheres with a more melancholic feeling to them.


So far the release has had a solid amount of support from global artists, including Ferro, iO (Mulen), Ben Rau, Samuel Deep, Burnski and Rich NxT, as well as plays from close friends of the label.


Release Date: 29th June 2018



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