Review: Saktu – Stefania’s Spaceship [SAKTU001]

Saktu is Heisenberg‘s sub-label and the newborn vinyl-only project of Aleksander Tsyrin, also known as Sasha Kaktus, founder and owner.

The label presentation is short and bold, straight to the point: Analog, Deep & Raw, 180gr. which sums up perfectly its philosophy and intentions. Speaking with Sasha, he also add that the main goal for the label is to experiment the sound spectrum between house, techno and electro.

This first EP, named Stefania’s Spaceship, is the perfect way to present the concept to the underground and electronic audience: a raw and flawless three-tracker, deep enough it could easily find its way in most of the set and mix.

Modularium is an electro cut, with distant, hypnotic and robotic vocals mixed with several loops that embrace different levels of the sound range.
Zood instead is more stripped down but not less effective. The core part is a drop-like sound that evolves into mechanical effects until the bass kick in and project the music to the next level.
Stefania’s Spaceship, which gives the name to the whole EP, is for us the best track of the three: it’s an injection of energy, full of spacey sounds and, like the vocal says, spread “vibrations in the air”. The groove is wisely built and do not disappoint giving the EP a whole new dimension.

We are looking forward to new collaborations and remix to land on SAKTU, which will happen very soon as per Sasha anticipation.




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