Review: Mihigh – Dark Fader EP

UK based label Trapped Ldn have never been one to shy away with pushing the limits of danceability with the tracks they put out. With their seventh release they’ve perhaps pushed it further than they’ve gone before, with Club Midi resident Mihigh teaming up with them for his ‘Dark Fader’ EP.

On the A side we have ‘Corridors’, a track defined by the heavy kick drum that pounds persistently throughout. The essence of Corridors is summed up in the name, the synths in the background of the song are harrowing and eery, much like looking down a dark and eery corridor.

However, the B side, ‘Mutual Contemplation’ is the real highlight of the EP. In the past couple of years, there have been a select few artists pushing minimal as a genre in different, far more engaging and experimental directions and Mihigh is one of them.

The groaning and frankly oddball synths give this track its defining feature. Subtle yet catchy snare drums in the background give the song its dancefloor potential with consistent rhythm throughout, yet it’s that groaning synth which makes you think ‘This track is completely bizarre, but I can’t stop dancing!’. The track may not be for every person who hears it, but it most definitely will be interesting to those into more experimental sounds.

You can buy Mihigh’s Dark Fader EP at your selected record selling website or shop.



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