Review: Janeret – Uchüsen EP [YoY.08]

Janeret, who’s is in charge of Yoyaku’s Joule imprint artistic direction, is well known for his deep house pads and dubby sounds.

This time he explores something new releasing on yoyaku’s sub label YoY, where the sound is more electro/breakbeat based. Kicking things off, we have Uchüsen for the A1, filled with deep pads that intensify as the track progresses and driven by a very strong kick.

Janeret takes then a different approach for the A2, Seiza, creating a strong breakbeat structure. At the same time, he introduces the use of deep, atmospheric pads, accompanied by an acid-like bassline.

On the B side, we have Taiyōfū first. Characterized by a slower but similar structure of A2, there is an addition of a palette of deeper synths to it, giving it a stronger atmospheric vibe to it.

We then finish off with Chōshinsei for the B2, driven by a much faster, harder breakbeat structure to it. Also present throughout the whole track there is a heavy amount of stabs, hard kicks and a frequent use of hi-hats, giving the track a very upbeat jam to it.

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