Review: Goris Lecker – From Scratch EP [KREISLESS001]

Kreisless first release breaks in with four minutely worked tracks by Berlin-based artist Goris Lecker. ‘From Scratch’ EP introduces the newborn label with a trip through acid sounds, synth melodies, energetic rhythms, and deep enticing atmospheres. We don’t know a lot about this new label, but one thing is for sure, they made an outstanding kickoff.

In German, Kreis means circle, and less means less: “Kreisless represents the un-circle, the openness to new experiences and sounds,” said one of the heads behind the project. “The concept isn’t rigid, we can just wander through creativity.” Lecker is one of the third faces behind the label, but the anonymity of others will remain for a bit, letting the music speak for itself.

‘Nonsaude’ then opens up the EP with a bouncy house trip. Lecker is in a buoyant mood as he introduces the label with breakbeats, light acid sounds, and subtly distorted bass. He plays with high and low intensity and puts us in a good mood for sure. A euphoric warm-up for what is to come.

For the second track ‘Frust’, the mood slightly changes as piano sounds meet techno. Lecker explores different touches and flavours, that ultimately work perfectly together. The strong drum kick brings a groovy rhythm as the sounds of the piano bring softness to the track. A surprising journey, both meditative and dancing at the same time.

On the B side, ‘Donin’ takes us both to a trip to space and to an introspective journey. As a subtle breakbeat rhythm structures the track, a hypnotic 303 synth loop is taking the lead for an emotional time. Lecker closes this first EP in a more meditative atmosphere. ‘Ceibo’ is a blend of different ambient sounds, with a slight but flawless acid touch.

Lecker’s work is an interesting mixture of style and palette of sounds, “that follow some present underground tendencies but at the same time have a unique personality influenced by the artist’s past musical experiences,” said one of the heads behind the label.

‘From Scratch’ finally reveals great potential in terms of production skills as Lecker showed the different atmospheres he can explore. The EP is one to be listened to in one go, as each track meticulously comes with the other, bringing us to a trip between space and the dancefloor.

Kreisless is distributed by Diskorrekt, a Berlin-based distribution and online record shop with worldwide service. Through their vision of electronic music they look to better connect the record ecosystem by highlighting subliminal messages hidden in music.

The record will be available from distributor Diskorrekt and from Deejay, Red Eye Records, Disco Più, and Juno.

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