Premiere: Unknown – A1 – Giralda 001 [OGEWHITE006]

Vinyl only label OGE and offshoot counterpart OGE White have since the first releases been an integral part of the minimal landscape. With the White editions often coming via unknown assailants and containing deeper more emotive shades of the genre they are winding up to drop one heck of a release in the form of ‘Giralda Summer Edits’. As with previous OGE White releases the artist and label has opted to keep the producer a closely guarded secret and instead shift focus to the excellent production skills on show throughout.

Sure-fire summer bomb track ‘Giralda 01’ on A1 unleashes from the beginning with some rather tasty breakbeats and some smart filtering hints at the vocal magic that awaits later on in the track. The groove is beefed up considerably further forward with the addition of a heavy-hitting kick and snappy snares and all too familiar crackle of vinyl in the background. Midway through ‘Giralda 01’ takes a soulful right turn with the arrival of the main sample of Ann Peebles’ ‘I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down’, having searched for some time before coming across the track in question the usually low slung soul bomb first came out in 1973, but as is the finely tuned ear of this talented producer it has been expertly repurposed for the dancefloor. There is little doubt in our mind that this would have been one of those tracks played at Sunwaves that would be popping up on the most informed of music groups and video channels.

Moving on to A2 and there is further proof of expert sampling and this time it is 80’s slow disco jam ‘Hold Tight’ that gets the groovy minimal treatment. Fans of the original will be happy to hear that much of the essence of the track has remained intact and one of the most infectious bassline guitar lick combos is been retained and substantially updated for the purpose of even the most demanding dancefloors.

Flipping over there is more sample gold in the form of ‘Giralda 003’ which features a bumping groove flecked with snips of Lady Wray’s soulful slow jam ‘Guilty’ which has been pitched up to perfection. Meanwhile completing this fine string of edits is the party starting ‘Giralda 004’ which makes great use of Isolee’s ‘Beau Mot Plage’ funky synth guitar glides which combines more breakbeats and scratching percussion and an equally bumping bassline. These jams are bound to be lighting up dancefloors and DJ sets across the spectrum shortly.

The ‘Giralda Summer Edits’ EP on OGE White is now available via

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