Premiere: B1 – Mr Barcode – Rise Of The Machines (Villalobos ‘Factory Closed’ Remix) [ITWS002]

After dot13 inaugurated Into The Wizards Sleeve by delving deep with his four track EP last year it is now high time we got a listen to the second release. Having dropped the news some time ago there has been a tasty amount of teasing involved in this second release. This might not be warranted with other regular releases but this is a serious reboot we have on our hands.

Originally featuring on the ‘Bad Acid’ album sampler on Music For Freaks back in 2004 the Jay Tripwire classic has been rebooted and refreaked by everybody’s favourite freak Ricardo Villalobos. The Chilean micro don has turned in not one but two remixes of ‘Rise Of The Robots’ and we have handpicked his ‘Factory Closed’ Remix for the premiere treatment.

Ricardo’s trademark sound layering is stacked from the beginning but never misses a beat when it comes to landing a drum sound. The swirl of static, robotic chatter, and angular bass sounds all clatter together to form a patchwork that somehow seems to work. The title is ridiculously apt as it is as if the different parts of the track are working together to move forward as one.

Ricardo is infamous in his workings in the extended realm but with the cohesive ideas that Ricardo packs into his tracks even a run time of 12 minutes doesn’t seem to be enough. The acid tweaks and filters its way into the track but never seems to take hold of the track. Instead, it sits back and lets the voices do you all the talking.

Villalobos’ Tommy’s Boy Grew Old is a much more muted affair and works on a broken beat motif that seems to lead from the back foot rather than the front. Instead choosing to concentrate on a moody pad and staccato snare hits. Ricardo has clearly captured the essence of the original for the modern minimal sound but special mention goes to Jay and his original track.

Cutting a fine balance between acid, deep house textures, and of course electro is not an easy task but one that Jay is more than capable of. Thanks to his seminal work under many guises Jay Tripwire will always garner cult status and this reissue on Into The Wizards Sleeve will introduce him to many new sets of ears.

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