Premiere: B1 – Jentzen – Transcations [OLDI191]

iO (Mulen)’s empire is having a very productive spring, I must say. MOi, VOY Records and Whiteloops dropped their new releases already, while the next ones at Hoarder, Slowdy Mowdy, Blackloops, Hoary and Oldivibes are being announced. And today we’re interested in Oldivibes’ new addition to the roster – Jentzen. A very productive producer, part of our top-100 tracks of the 2021 selection with his “The Good Ramen”, cooked at Spaghetti Club and also a Bandcamp crowdpleaser with a solid range of high-quality tracks available there (my personal recommendation is to check “Rock It” ASAP!).

Our premiere of today is my favorite track from the EP, called “Transactions” (like the EP, by the way!). Jentzen’s take on the broken beat, lands at the label of a guy who loves broken rhythms very much. Very rough, fat, bigroomy piece of bass, mixed with samples of conversation about space (saying hello to every “spacey” track from the last years). Some distractions and pauses shouldn’t really distract you from dancing to this one, believe me.

The B-side on this release was given to the broken beat in full since the neighbor of our premiere, called “Motion Sickness” is another piece of it. A bit lighter, still a bit spacey. The A-side is divided between two more straight pieces. The first one is a very energetic “Two Filter” that hides a bit of that ravey atmosphere in its background chords. The second one there, called “Octavia” reminds me that aforementioned “The Good Ramen” from the last year. And if you remember where the journey of that track ended, it can’t be a bad comparison, I guess.

The release is already in the pre-orders section at Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax. Also, the full previous Oldivibes roster is available in digital at Bandcamp since late March, in case you missed it.

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