Premiere: B1 – Gianni & Guillermo De Caminos – Lágrimas de Sangre (Janeret Remix) [DM022]

Drumma Records has always been a meeting point for the best artists in the underground. Born in 2011 Santiago, Chile to doting parent Felipe Venegas who had already by this point become a staple of Luciano’s growing and well respected Cadenza family.

According to the release notes, ‘Lágrimas de Sangre’ translates to ‘Tears of Blood’ and relates to the heart-wrenching story of protestors losing their sight as a result of point-blank shootings by the police during 2019’s social unrest. Not being the first-time Chile has taken creative impetus from times of social difficulty the EP from Gianni and Guillermo De Caminos continues to cement Drumma Records as a notable chapter in the history of Chile’s contribution to undergound music.

Using the groove from Chilean Gianni and Argentinian Guillermo’s lead track ‘Lágrimas de Sangre‘ Janeret takes this inspiration to a new level and molds and sculpts a new breed of animal from the parts. The rattling roomy percussion from the original is maintained in the Yoyaku mainstay’s version but this time around it helps to punctuate the track in between rounds of gnarled, yet extremely satisfyingly grinding basslines. The intricacies found in the drum programming is also quintessential Janeret and the blooming pad that builds and builds in the background is soon met with a groove so pure it could momentarily resolve the troubles if everybody was quiet long enough to listen at the same time.

These times of unrest are certainly not to be trivialised but we imagine that the stunning sub-bass found on ‘Wichu’ could potentially cut through the noise of any heated protest that is sadly being found on almost every continent. While the catalyst for this EP came from as a result of the 2019 Chilean protests there is no doubt that this speaks directly to all manner of issues humanity is currently facing. What is so special about this EP is the connection between Chile, Argentina, and France that made the special music found in this release possible.

Felipe has a knack for complex, emotive yet groove-driven bombs and he has instilled this in every single release that has come with the Drumma stamp of approval. The 22nd edition ‘Lagrimas de Sangre’ EP from Gianni and Guillermo De Caminos is right on the money and worthy of the accolade.

‘Lágrimas de Sangre’ EP from Gianni & Guillermo De Caminos on Drumma Records is now available to pre-order from yoyaku.

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