Premiere: B1 – Dragoș Ilici aka Dilly Bombastik – Stelu Gămanu [TONOMAT001]

From the combined minds of Dragoș Ilici and Prichindel comes a new platform for electronic greatness – Tonomat Records. Having delivered unquestionable moments via their sets at the finest musical gatherings our scene is capable of these two artists’ joint musical vision debuts with Ilici’s maiden production under the pseudonym Dilly Bombastik. Featuring three original tracks and a re-rub from DJ Normal, ‘Stelu Gămanu’ EP collects together a heady mix of styles and vibes in one complete package.

The credentials of founders of Tonomat Records are beyond reproach as is the influences that edge into every facet of this release. Title track ‘Stelu Gămanu’ is first on our agenda and the original is a snarling slab of hip house. Raw snares and hats attack the track with a vicious focus that is undeniable. The warped vocals blend together with a wickedly deep bassline to form an outrageous attitude filled picture. The repeated vocal lines adds serious weight too and the result is an absolute weapon of a track that will be rocking crowds left and right. DJ Normal takes the structure of the original and drenches it 303 goodness, this lashing of synths helps to move ‘Stelu Gămanu’ into a different realm.

Flipping back over to side A and ‘Reflo’ on A1 unveils more break focused bombs and the 90’s warehouse vibes ooze out of every pore. Crunchy snares and claps give plenty of noise to chew on and in doing so keep up establish a mean edge to the EP from the first beats. Completing the EP is ‘Workout’ and the pitch-black synths and basslines are straight out of a Quest, Christian AB or FDG set. Make sure you grab this on pre-order as these are sure to fly off the shelf.

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