Premiere: A2 – Yves Bonjour – Overdrive [RELIKTWHITE001]

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Swiss label RELIKT White is about ready to drop its first release after hitting socials earlier this year. It sits alongside big sister RELIKT, a vinyl only platform that has been responsible for a stream of records in 2020. The focus is underground house music and it stems from label boss Yves Bonjour.

In keeping with the previous label launch, Bonjour steps up to deliver the first edition of RELIKT White. The ‘Chord Island’ EP features four artist originals, all fuelled as the name suggests by a series of warm, floating keys.

‘Overdrive’ pieces together soft and smooth vibes, championed by the ever present synth chord gently drifting steadily at the back of the track. Upbeat energies flow from the deeply laced groove that dominates the bassline. Housier elements take over proving this one to be as much a party starter as it is a pleasantry.

As the euphoric notes take hold and the percussion rolls the rhythm, chopped vocals offer a tech house flavour that became so prevalent in the 2000s. This slice of old has been injected into the present with a delicate array of fresh flavour.

Yves Bonjour delivers a smart combination of sweet sounds with energetic oomph across all four tracks in the ‘Chord Island’ EP. This consistency allows you to take your pick at any opportune moment, as they are all likely to slot in just nicely.

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