Premiere: A2 – Robert David – Inima (Argenis Brito Remix) [UFDV003]

Inima Argenis Brito remix - cover art

Unfelde Records are back-channeling a love and passion of minimal techno into wax. Label boss Robert David marks his third release with a direct representation of the feeling it represents. His ‘Love Manifesto’ EP comes a few years since his last and as time has progressed, creativity has moved with it.

Art and music blend, creating a new dimension for the Romanian label and producing a well-rounded package in the process. Two original tracks are each complemented with a remix, all centred around the native minimal flavour. Multi-talented musician Argenis Brito brings with him a long line of expertise for his interpretation. No stranger to a Trommel premiere, Brito previously featured collaborating with Ricardo Villalobos on Toi Toi Musik.

‘Inima’ receives a dark, chugging treatment from the Venezuelan veteran. As the bassline growls, percussion connects cleanly, mechanical in its layers. It’s all about the progression, introducing simple but twisted elements in a steady fashion.

Short blobs of acid dabble quick bursts of melody before a stabbing synth takes the limelight for the main hook. Dark tainted organ lowers the tone even deeper. Any pleasantries from the original have been stripped out for something a little more sinister. Precision remains the driving force in this operation, steadily shifting between sounds.

Macarie takes on the title track over on the flip side. Deep bassline plods with purpose beneath trip-inducing chatter. Mysterious but groovy, the rework is made for delving into the depths of the club room. Robert David’s original pieces send floatier feels, ‘Love Manifesto’ itself delivering on the driving side of Rominimal and a gorgeous growl.

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