Premiere: A2 – Braik – Sleeping City [FLAWED002]

BRAIK record art FLAWEd

Last year FLAWEd Records set up shop in the city of London. Despite hailing from the UK capital, the platform has spent much of the last twelve months celebrating a more Latin flavour. Since the launch from Cool & Frank, sounds have shifted further southwards with several South American artists taking control in the podcast series. Now the next release is almost ready. It comes straight out of Uruguay, from the studio of rising talent Braik.

The darker blend of electro-fuelled minimal techno that comes associated with the Urugayan electronic scene has been championed by the likes of Nicolas Lutz and Omar over the years. As such its popularity has soared and with it, so has its representation. Braik captures the vibe expertly in his upcoming FLAWEd contribution, ‘Perla Negra’ EP.

‘Sleeping City’ starts with an eerie introduction that is quickly brought to attention by a deep acid riff. This squidgy bassline is as soft as it is dark. As soon as its textures bring in feels of warm fuzz, stabbing melodies remind you this isn’t for the light-hearted. The balance is struck between a steady pace and a pummelling beat which makes for an electro banger that comes with a hint of elegance.

Grit only grows in the progression. The one and only pause in the beat comes from a spooky breakdown, completed by an acid drop moodily manipulated to close.

This sinister yet sophisticated vibe continues across all grooves in the wax. Four originals have been produced here that come well primed for the party, be it morning or night. Buy the record from or Juno, due for release on 15th May.

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