Premiere: A1 – VTL One – Terra [CTR003]

The Comics Trip Records crew headed up by founders Lemoan and DSO have become legendary in the Parisian and wider French underground. Their approach to throwing parties is something to behold and their adventures in sound take place across whole weekends and multiple venues. Their own brand of house and techno is of course central to these extended sessions.

Forming a wide spectrum of sounds, Comics Trip Records always manage to include a plenty of influences into their releases but with a uniquely future retro slant. Next up to instil this musical identity is VTL One and the third EP on Comics Trip Records.

This melding of styles and time periods is evident from the opening seconds of VTL One’s ‘Terra’. Filtering, strong kicks, delicate pads and synths and crispy breaks definitely offer a glimpse into the current and future dancefloors of Paris and all around Europe while giving a massive nod to the origins of deep house.

A2 ‘303 Funk’ joins this heady ethos with shimmering pads and phasing synths that speaks to the golden age of house, yet the breakbeats and deep 303 bassline and programming propel into the future. Further future tweaks are evident in this A2 banger where more modern delays and reverb play their part but always in a respectfully vintage way. There is another 4 tracks to pour over once the EP is released in March, but you can rest assured that they will a be produced to the same high quality as all other facets of Comics Trip Records.

CTR003 is now available to pre-order via their Bandcamp page.

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