Premiere: A1 – Umberto ♫ – This is a Dream [FUCKU2]

Italian DJ and producer Umberto delivers a tasty four-tracker landing FUCKU’s first record in 4 years and it sure sounds like they are back with a bang. Both sides of the record drip with classic, acid-tinged house beats that are as playful as they are fat. Umberto’s tongue-in-cheek production style can be heard across the board but particularly in vocal elements, as the sources and usage are as fun as they are cheeky.

“This is a Dreams” kicks off the A-side with a fruity south park sample leading the track, denying its very existence along the way, which works in tandem with the smorgasbord of pads, FX and dreamscapes that make full use of the periphery as the forefront delivers tight and heavy. Definite dancefloor tweaker that’s sure to raise an ear or two.

Following suite, “7777” rounds off the face of the record, with some seriously punchy low-end energy, again, propelled by vocals that confirm that energy’s presence and encourage more. Face-melting drum processing and juicy bass will see gun fingers in the air and toes and heads bopping involuntarily, absolute ripper!

The flipside heads a different direction as stabs drive the narrative from the offbeat whilst toms and all sorts of percs are flexed down the middle as they find their home amongst swirling pads and rigid structures in “KEK Lord”. B2. “Boy’s Club” plays with bubbly synth lines and pads as retro-style processing leads this slick housey number towards its sunny destination, radiating good-times and infectious grooves.

A fine piece of wax following on from a 4-year hiatus, we’re excited to hear what is coming next.

Grab your copy of FUCKU2 here.

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