Premiere: A1 – Lukea – A Pierdut Noaptea [BHR002]

Lukea BHR002 cover art

Madrid based label Bohrium Records is ready to go with its second release, almost a year since we premiered the first. It was apparent from the off that the focus would be driven by quality and the long wait for more is definitely worth it. In its progress, the keen collective behind the platform have taken a step back and French up and coming artist Lukea has been invited to the fore.

Three originals meet a Romanian remix in this four track EP, which has already started to make its way into the record bags of other known artists on the scene. Prichindel, who featured in the Trommel podcast back in 2018, recently served up some of the sounds in his blend for TELUM. We’ve taken the record’s opener for the premiere.

It’s clear how this one might resonate with purveyors of the Rominimal flavour. ‘A Pierdut Noaptea’ boasts a deep, purring bassline that pulsates in such a fashion. Rolling rhythm takes hold and energy bubbles to the surface, while intricate melodies take over the groove.

Synth is used to define the flow, tapping with the neat percussion that moves with it. Atmosphere builds with eery, creature like communication and echoing laughter rising from the depths. As synthlines intensify, a subtle delicacy creeps in through a musical guitar riff at the breakdown. Quite the masterpiece really and sure to stir on the dance floor.

Lukea BHR002 back of cover

‘Aurorea’ on A2 drives a little deeper, retaining similar focus between the mystical and the musical. Flip over onto the B and ‘Zirconiu’ offers an added intensity between its manipulated vocal, lightly placed reverb and defined claps. Macarie closes with the remix, growling and distorting in its advance.

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