Premiere: A1 – Henry Hyde – I Heard You Like To Squelch [NSR006]

Henry Hyde’s fourth appearance on his own NorthSouth Records immediately starts with a banger – it’s hard to expect something else on A1, but still. 30 seconds of straight kicks are telling us that this A1 is no joke and the light acid line of synth that comes afterward and stays with us till the end of the track confirms that later. Long warm chords and a few tiny breakbeat parts for the mood will also appear on this “squelchy” track (yes, we have a little clue in the title here!).

A-side of NSR006 continues to go strong after “My Function” track with its catchy vocals and slightly unusual for the record like this broken “cha-cha” rhythmic (that makes this track, probably the most unexpected one on NSR ever). “Slick Rick” is starting the much more minimalistic B-side with its staggering percussion and “Second Face” is closing the EP like it is a party – this track is as perfect for late slowdance as it is for morning talks with its unobtrusive mood.

After the previous compilation with four different artists, Henry Hyde decided to go on this NorthSouth Records only by himself, but because of the label’s devotion to “showcase the talents of our friends, family and wider collective in the form of split EPs, each featuring a North side and South side”, we’re already waiting for the next one here, expecting some interesting newcomers.

NSR006 is available at all good record stores – hurry up!

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