Premiere: 2 – Ramin Majlessi – Dont Text Me Back (Ray Mono Remix) [WHO315]

Whoyostro returns with another slice of deep tech house and the Ukrainian shows no sign of slowing down on its superhuman release schedule. No strange to these pages Whoyostro have made it their goal to break talented artists from around the globe. For their next EP they welcome American producer Ramin Majlessi to their ever growing family where he turns in four originals as well as a remix from Ray Mono.

We take aim at Ray Mono’s remix of Ramin Majlessi EP title track ‘Don’t Text Me Back’. Where the original is full of skipping snares, vocal slips, peak time house basslines and energy Ray’s version boils this down to its fundamentals and then builds them back up into his own muscular sound. Fitting with a techier aesthetic, the crux of the original sits much lower in the mix and this works especially well here.

Moving on to ‘Fuk It’ and upfront yet shimmering deep house direction takes hold again and the snapping drums and undulating bassline produce a wicked DJ tool. Completing the EP is ‘Hammonds Riff’ and as the name might suggest benefits from a funky Hammond keys motif alongside a chunky groove. Bump is the name of the game here and thus completing a diverse collection of tracks.

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