Premiere: 1 – Mtty – Mrs Synthly [TEA001]

Canberra-based DJ and producer Mtty shares a slice of high-energy tackle with hypnotic grooves and seriously rhythmic percussion – “Mrs Synthly” from his upcoming “TEA001” release on his new digital imprint.

Following a string of releases on the likes of Hotbox Records, Breakfree Records and some solid self-released bits on his own bandcamp, Mtty has been going from strength to strength in recent years. His most recent release saw Mtty land a spot on the most recent Silky Beats release which saw him sharing the stamp alongside Tiago Walter, James Andrew and Duncan Thomas, this tasty bit of wax came from the very capable crew over at Carpets and Snares Records. 

The upcoming “TEA001” release delves deep, laden with low-slung grooves, skippy two-step shuffles and straight up gun-finger inducing synth shots. Definite dancefloor this EP will be sure to rock it across all kinds of sun-kissed spots all Summer long.

Kicking off the release is “Mrs Synthly” – this one will surely be getting dropped during peak-time sets, a synth-heavy piece featuring anthemic pads, a frenetic array of percussion, powerups and fills that keep this bouncy number ticking away across the track. We are more than happy to share this track with you all as a premiere, the third from the EP is also available for streaming on bandcamp prior to its release date.

Track 2 “Checking On JP” is similarly uplifting and sends out a euphoric message into the cosmos by way of soaring synths and a trademark bumpy bassline. Track 3 on the release “Mr. Man” hears blissful melodies on the keys sprinkled atop infectious percussion and acid lines accelerating the groove wherever they see fit. Rounding out this first release for TEA is “Yerp” and the tightly woven percussion soon adds nicely gated synths and airy fluted tones to its arsenal.

Having had a taste of half the EP we can’t wait to hear the rest, come release day 23rd of May! 

A very strong start for Tea and another excellent output from Mtty, keeping a keen eye on both for what’s coming next.

Grab your copy of TEA001 here.

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