Premiere: 1 – Mike.D – Delirio [WAPMEP001]

Having started out as a podcast series South American brand We Are Play Music has now graduated to now including a digital label as part of their musical offerings. Launching imminently WAPMEP001 comes from the hands and ears of Mexican artist Mike.D and with his work being supported by the likes of Maher Daniel, Mihai Pol, and Arapu names just a few of the usual suspects.

Mike.D’s fluid balanced style is front and center on this first foray on WAPMEP and as well as the three original cuts from the Mexican there are also remixes courtesy of Etzu Mahkayah and Dost.

Leading out the ‘Delirio’ EP is title track and electro bassline is hard at work from the very beginning. Filtering and squelching its way into the night it picks up percussive elements that seem to twinkle like stars in the sky that the track is racing across. The lush paddy vocal sweeps defy gravity by appearing to hang in the air while the beats dance around beneath.

Serbian artist Etzu Mahkayah runs in a slightly different direction with ‘Delirio’ and the vocal elements are brought to the fore with a much more insistent bassline and synth combo. The cool sweeping pads are retained and the track is all the better for it as it is these blooming synth parts that give the track some serious “air”. Mike.D dials things back a bit for ‘Mentiras Al Oido’ where the vibe is much more relaxed but the sweet cosmic grooves are still there doing their thing. Softened hats skip across the track alongside the crisp, ever so slightly glitched percussion giving just enough attitude.

This swagger segues nicely into the third and final original from Mike.D and ‘Ruido De Melancholia’ lives up to its name. The phat rounded bassline underpins the characteristic spacey feel of the whole EP and only drops out momentarily before the weaving groove is reinserted. Bringing home the EP is a fine atmospheric remix of ‘Mentiras Al Oido’ courtesy of Dost. Reduced to its root elements the finely crafted beats offer the perfect bed for the original elements to bloom forth from. Venezuelan DJ and producer Chu Malkovich who is at the top of this project should be very happy with this first release as the EP as a whole draws the perfect picture of atmospheric groove-led minimal.

‘Delirio’ EP from Mike.D is now available via Beatport and Bandcamp.

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