Premiere: B2 – Matt Star – Autumm Leaves (Priku Remix) [UYS002]

Following an extensive series of parties split between London and the Canary Islands, Javier Carballo‘s Underyourseat present their second vinyl release, with three original tracks from Matt Star, inviting Priku for remix duties.

Balancing bliss with darkness, the Romanian royal explores fragile territories in his latest output. Whilst maintaining the mechanical atmospheres of the original, a contemplative palate transforms ‘Autumn Leaves’ into a healing head trip.

A stiff yet addictive bassline anchors the rhythm, accented by a neat pitch shift every eight bars, the two notes slotting between kick drums manage to loop throughout the entire arrangement without ever growing sour.

Elements grow naturally around the percussive structure, with a delicate selection of natural and otherworldly timbres bursting into short, euphoric chord progressions, the sound of a traditional kick drum, clap or snare become a distant memory.

This brave and holistic approach to the repetition-heavy production of much of Priku and the Romanian circuit’s output casts a weightless, meditative mood, encouraging a submissive listen where time seems to disappear.

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