Premiere: B2 – DOTT – Puppy Luv (Titonton Duvante FLiP) [JR002]

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Titonton Duvande brings his infectious energy to the second release of Asian record label Jugaar Records.

The collective shot onto the scene last year with an impressive debut from Dubai based producer Rudoh. Inspired by an eclectic taste of house, breaks and electro, the crew’s curation already stretches across the globe, with Australia based and Salt Mines Records founder Shedbug on remix duties.

Bangkok born artist DOTT steps up for the label’s second outing, swaying towards housier realms with subtle, swung rhythms loaded with colour. His sultry sounds have found at home on Taimur’s BLKMARKET imprint, as well as opening a vinyl record store with his More Rice gang in Bangkok – the city’s first specialising in house and techno.

Titonton Duvante’s midwest flavours feel like the perfect compliment to this elegant release. Sliding into the mix with his sleazy, stripped back vibe, the US veteran transforms the premiered ‘Puppy Luv’ into a lush, fragrant head trip.

Whilst working his signature slippery, lucid rhythms as the foundation of the track, it’s the melodic work that steals the show. Ethereal pads glide into the mix, lifting the mood into dreamscape territories, before alluding to a delightful keys solo. Evidently capturing a natural, flow-state situation, 16th notes follow one another with a delightfully satisfying charm, testament to Titonton’s decades of devotion to his craft.

Subtle flanges add a neat depth to hi-hats, whilst simple 909 patterns hold the fort with great effect. True to his unpredictable nature, melodies evolve into a whole new story four minutes into the track, skipping through hopeful chord sequences and snappy snare drums. It’s the kind of track that could change the direction of a set, or bring a highlight sunrise moment when played at the right time.

DOTT’s original’s host a similar retroverted, Grand Theft Auto-like aesthetic. Classy synth lines weave between slick drums you can picture soundtracking a gorgeous road trip, just as comfortably as a heart warming moment on the dance floor. ‘Spacey Mango’ brings out the menacing side of his influences, working fierce acid lines and fizzy hats over a stern beat.

The second release of Jugaar Records sets a high bar and marks an exciting future for the project. Both the vinyl and digital are available direct from the label’s Bandcamp.

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