Premiere: B2 – Bídlee – Down The Road [OBD001]

New vinyl-only label Obaidlí Records will be starting on their journey in the right direction as they present the ‘Down the Road’ split EP from Zohki and Bídlee. Between these 2 skilled producers, they have amassed an arsenal of sounds that will be allowing their newfound home to stand apart from the crowd.

Heading straight for title track ‘Down The Road’ on B2 where we get the first full-length look at Bídlee’s second track on this excellent EP. Hitting a lush sweet spot between deep house and minimal ‘Down The Road’ radio interference washes over a simple piano chord which repeats for the full length of the track while some really unique almost Foley fx percussion drip in and out of the track. It is as if the track’s background percussive elements have been constructed from field recordings which is always going to give a track the originality required to standout.

This originality and tripped out tact is found on Bídlee’s other track on B1 and ‘Morph Your Keys’ where intelligible voices scatter around a glitching drum pattern and opposing musical elements. Perhaps on their own, this collection of sounds might seem disjointed but when pulled together once the beat drops back in all parts of the track make perfect sense.

Flipping over to the pair of tracks from Zohki A1 track ‘Default’ follows a similar route with regards to the glitched-out radio transmitted vocals but this time beams them from outer space. The cosmic groove of ‘Default’ bumps along at a fine pace and is aided by the more twisted offering in A2 ‘Xonoo604’ where crunchy drums swing nicely around a spacey, yet almost slightly sinister synth line. With two very different vibes on either side of this solid release, there is also a well-curated vibe threaded through both sides of the record and will capture Obaidlí Records a unique corner of the minimal landscape from their first release.

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